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Points To Remember While Inquiring For Manufacturing

Looking for the right partner for your electronic device development and Manufacturing is one of the most complicated decisions that you will face. This write up might provide you with some advice on how to seriously captivate the attention of the bests electronic Device OEMs and ODMs out there.

It’s worthy to note that while looking for a manufacturing company to make a good impression with you and your company, it is also important for your company to make a long lasting impression with them so that they accept inquiry seriously and give it the attention that it requires.

Remember you and the manufacturer will become partners so the more professional and attractive the proposition you put forward to a potential partner is, the more likely it will be that a professional and attractive manufacturing company will want to form a relationship, and vice versa.

Everything starts with first impression. When you are first reaching out to your potential partners it is worthwhile putting forward a detailed inquiry which can really hold their attention over the other inquiries which they may receive.

Below are some points to follow on what to have in an inquiry to a manufacturing partner to appropriately capture their eyeballs:

Who are you?
Provide a precise background of your company and some of its latest and previous products, and plans for future products. As you would like to know more about the manufacturing company, its previous or ongoing projects and see references from them, any in-demand manufacturing company too will want to know a little bit about you, your company and its vision before it starts investing resources on your project. This information of yours is not mandatory but can help build confidence for your potential partners.

Where you’re at present?
Layout at present stage of development of the project that your company is working on. What has been completed, what’s needed to be completed etc.

Incorporate whatever sketches or images that you have of your designs to help paint a clearer picture for the manufacturing company.

Also elaborate what sort of expertise your company has and what expertise (engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, etc) you’re looking for in your manufacturing company.

Sales Forecast
Your sales forecast can be a big factor in whether a manufacturing company is capable to take on your project or not.

On the basis of the business model of the manufacturing company they may need a certain volume of commitment to take a project further while there might be other manufacturing companies as well that have a limit on the volume they can deliver.

Channels of Distribution
A precise layout of the distribution channels for your devices will help the manufacturing company understand more about your readiness & how you are actually going to distribute the product, the practicality to achieve your distribution forecast, and warnings that are different on the basis of different distribution channels.

There are also some aspects of the manufacturing company that are worth finding out about such as:
• How much experience company has with your specific kind of product?
• Does it have a good hold on the supply chain in its specific area?
• What recent projects has the company been working on?
• Can the company provide any cases or references?
• What are the quality control measures of the manufacturing company?
• What are the payment terms of manufacturing company?

In case you have any questions regarding the above article or if you think there should be other items added to it please let us know in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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