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Hushing up all the speculations and guesswork, Qualcomm has recently given important insights into its upgraded Snapdragon 821 chipset, announced in July this year. The company, while elucidating on its next-gen offering, has claimed a 10 per cent increase in the performance and efficiency levels, and also assured of a more responsive user interaction. 

Snapdragon 821 sports a Qualcomm Kryo CPU (at 2.4GHz), causing a tenfold boost in the capabilities of various computing devices when compared to Snapdragon 820. Another incentive is Adreno 530, a GPU that runs at 653 MHz and multiplies pace of operations by 5 per cent. Moreover, the new chipset also determines a 5 per cent jump in power savings as compared to its previous version.

Here is the low-down on the new features of Snapdragon 821.

Android Nougat:

Snapdragon VR SDK: Makes a VR toolset accessible to developers,

Dual PD: Steps up the image auto-focus speed;

Dual Phase Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF): Betters the focusing range and overall focal accuracy;

1) Snapdragon VR SDK – Offers VR toolset for developers, and will bring in compatibility of the chipset with Google’s Daydream platform.
2) Dual PD – Will offer faster image autofocus speeds
3) Extended Laster Auto-Focus Ranging – Will increase visible focusing range, and also improve laser focal accuracy
4) Android Nougat – Snapdragon 821 will also support Android’s latest operating system, and will offer expanded compatibility, security and new features compared to previous OS versions.