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In a startling move, D-Wave has announced a new quantum processor with twice as much the qubit count than its predecessor, the 2X. The new, super-advanced system will be introduced at the company’s first users conference, all set to take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The company claimed that the latest processor showed significant gains in terms of efficiency and capabilities when put through tests. A performance hike of up to 1,000 times has been demonstrated, which is way beyond the 2X system.

“As the only company to have developed and commercialized a scalable quantum computer, we’re continuing our record of rapid increases in the power of our systems, now up to 2,000 qubits,” said Jeremy Hilton, D-Wave’s Vice President, in a statement.

The new system will be a solver to a whole lot of problems, claims D-wave while adding that the pioneering qubit volume has made the company to take the lead over its competitors in the sphere of quantum computing.