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Next-generation 5G Technology is being touted as a potential game-changer that could bring exciting changes in the digital apparatus of today, said a report by Ericsson on Tuesday.

Ericsson discussed the emergence and the probable impact of 5G on specific industries with more than 650 executives globally, and a majority of them had a similar story to tell. The Swedish multinational communication firm, in its report titled ‘Opportunities in 3G: The View from Eight Industries’, highlighted a confident outlook for 5G, and demonstrated how a number of key industries are seeing it as an innovation engine.

The industries covered in the report by Ericsson include automotive, high-tech manufacturing, digital services, healthcare, financial services, utilities, public safety and media/gaming.

While the automobile industry is extensively banking on the 5G for self-driving systems, enhanced GPS set-ups and detailed map updates, the public safety industry is hopeful for better safety for citizens with the evolution of 5G.

Further, the financial sector anticipates a boost to real-time mobile trading and high frequency trading, and on the parallel end, the media industry envisages maximum delight to users and longer attention spans.