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Creatons has been a key manufacturer of chargers and adapters for a range of electronic devices, including feature phones, smartphones, tablet pc’s, notebooks, portable speakers, cameras and much more.

Safety is our priority, and therefore, we have an experienced R&D team to put the best mechanism in exercise to ensure consistency in quality and peak levels of performance. Our chargers and adapters undergo a series of tough tests at our well-equipped lab, so that they can prove up to the performance expectations. Our products are consistent with the highest industry standards, and latest requirements to ensure 100% safety of usage and total satisfaction at your end.

We feel immensely happy to provide you the best-in-class chargers and adapters that prove their worth, time to time.


Do you know what makes chargers different from adapters? Let’s know them better here.


AC to DC

Charges Batteries

Variable Charging Current

No Filters and Regulators

Specific Chargers For Specific Batteries


AC to DC

Powering Devices

Constant Voltage

Filters & Regulators For Stabilized Current

Specific Voltage Output For Suitable Devices

Well-Equipped Facility

Creatons owns a full-service facility in Delhi-NCR, equipped with the top-rated tools and equipment, which aims at delivering quality output, and providing robust technical support to our growing clientele.

Some of the brands we are associated with:

Quality Control

Our Chargers/Adapters Undergo Safety Tests, Which Are Both Physical and Environmental in Nature.

Physical Tests

  • Crush Tests

  • Shock & Penetration Tests

  • Ripple Wave Check

  • Emission Tests

  • Surge Tests

Environmental Tests

  • Temperature Recycling

  • Humidity Tests

  • Exposure to Fire

  • Overheating

  • Aging Tests

End Result

  • Over Temperature Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Current Protection

  • Voltage Fluctuation Protection

  • Durability & Stability

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