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Creatons has been a key manufacturer of chargers and adapters for a range of electronic devices, including feature phones, smartphones, tablet pc’s, notebooks, portable speakers, cameras and much more.

Safety is our priority, and therefore, we have an experienced R&D team to put the best mechanism in exercise to ensure consistency in quality and peak levels of performance. Our chargers and adapters undergo a series of tough tests at our well-equipped lab, so that they can prove up to the performance expectations. Our products are consistent with the highest industry standards, and latest requirements to ensure 100% safety of usage and total satisfaction at your end.

We feel immensely happy to provide you the best-in-class chargers and adapters that prove their worth, time to time.


Do you know what makes chargers different from adapters? Let’s know them better here.


AC to DC / DC to DC

Charges Batteries

Variable Charging Current

High Frequency Filters and Regulators

Specific Chargers For Specific Protocol


AC to DC

Powering Devices

Constant Current

Filters & Regulators For Stabilized Current

Specific Output Voltage For Suitable Devices

Well-Equipped Facility

Creatons owns a full-service facility in Delhi-NCR, equipped with the top-rated tools and equipment, which aims at delivering quality output, and providing robust technical support to our growing clientele.


Quality Control

Our Chargers/Adapters Undergo Safety Tests, Which Are Both Physical and Environmental in Nature.

Physical Tests

  • Drop Tests

  • Shock Tests

  • Bending Tests

  • Salt Spray Tests

  • Surge Tests

Environmental Tests

  • Thermal Tests

  • Humidity Tests

  • Exposure to Fire

  • Overheating

  • Aging Tests

Electrical Tests

  • Ripple Tests

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Current Protection

  • High & Low Voltage Tests

  • Hi-pot Tests

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